Welcome to VIETTALK – An Online Vietnamese Learning Channel for foreigners from E-Space!

E-SPACE VN is an online English center. This is one of the first Online English Centers in Vietnam which applies one-on-one teaching strategies to all learners. Established in October 2012, E-SPACE VN has attracted more than 10,000 students across the country to improve their English skills.
E-SPACE VNs courses focus on improving communication skills at work for working people, as well as practicing skills for students who are in need of taking the IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, and other exams.
We also provide English training courses for businesses in Vietnam. Many of our customers are large-scale corporations and enterprises that have trusted and chosen E-SPACE VN as their main training partner: Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam – PVN), FPT Corporation, Harvey Nash Vietnam, PepsiCo, etc.
In 2023, we develop the Vietnamese Learning Channel - Viettalk to meet the needs of foreigners living and working in Vietnam and other countries to learn Vietnamese.

Operation Process

❃ 10/2012 Activities in Vietnam
❃ 2012->2014 2012->2014
❃ 2014->2020 2014->2020
❃ 2020 Deploying an online Vietnamese learning model for foreigners
❃ 2023 2023


Along with the general trend of international economic intergration in Vietnam, we have constantly promoted our internal strength in combination with attracting external resources. Therefore, the percentage of foreigners coming to Vietnam to study, invest, do business or conduct scientific research is constantly increasing.

According to HSBC, there are three main reasons why expats move to Vietnam, which include career advancement, finding new challenges, and improving quality of life. Besides, thanks to the rich culture as well as the hospitality of Vietnamese people, this place is a great choice for young professionals and experienced people from all over the world to live and achieve the desired result.

To make living, traveling, experiencing, and studying in Vietnam easier, foreigners need to learn the language here. Therefore, the demand for learning Vietnamese for foreigners is increasing.

We believe that Viettalk will be one of the most reputable and prestige Online Vietnamese Centers, for we always try our best to meet the need of learners.

Reasons why you should learn Vietnamese at VIETTALK

✔ Interactive learning method “1 teacher - 1 student”
✔ 100% of lecturers graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Education, Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and has experience teaching foreign students
✔ A learning path is designed for each student
✔ Can study anytime, anywhere to save time and money
✔ Flexible study hours
✔ Smartphone app with lots of functions that make learning easier


At Viettalk, we aim to help you pursue your educational goals. You can learn through images and vivid visual equipment textbooks, all of which will help develop your critical thinking and imagination.
Make the most of your practice time, and use language in simple situations.
Learning mode: Online Learning via Skype
Textbook: \"Elementary Vietnamese - Use For Non-Vietnamese Speakers\" of the Institute of Language Development Institute- Vietnam National University Press
Course Organization: Online
Duration: 50 minutes/class
Teachers: Vietnamese teachers who graduated from the University of Pedagogy, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, etc., and have experience in teaching Vietnamese to foreign students
Tuition fee: Pay by course
Number of students: 1
Management: The Quality Assurance Department will watch the video of every class to evaluate the class quality
Students will join a free online trial class at Viettalk, from which students will be arranged classes suitable for each level and their learning goals.