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To participate and to learn English online programs in Viettalk please perform the following steps:

1. Access VIETTALK.NET website (We encourage you to use use Firefox or Chrome)

• 2. Click on "Register"

• 3. Complete the information, then confirm the email to activate your account.

* Note: Participants must provide their accurate Skype ID to study with teachers. (See instructions for using Skype). After registering with E-Space Vietnam (it's free), students will experience an immediate online English lesson for free (Trial lesson).

If students decide to become official students they can begin paying tuition fees to learn English online every day on E-Space Vietnam.



Select "SCHEDULE SET" to view the calendar of teachers and their courses.

*Things to keep in mind:
☑ Free trial lessons will only apply to teachers from Asian countries..

☑ During the lessons, if any errors occur with Internet connections and the class doesn’t proceed as expected, the money for that particular session will be refunded without any charge.

☑ You can book a lesson with any teacher 30 mins before the scheduled time. Booked lessons can only be cancelled 2 hours before the scheduled time. The cost of the session, after cancellation, will be refunded to your school package. If cancellations aren’t made at least 2 hours before the start of the lesson, your lessons will take place as scheduled.

 ☑ Please remember to start the class exactly on time with teachers.




Students please log into your Skype account (with the registered information on your E-Space account with E-SPACE Vietnam) at least 5-10 minutes before the lesson begins.

Check the sound of Skype software before classes begin to avoid trouble in the learning process.
(See instructions for checking the sound quality of Skype software.)



The session will begin as soon as learners receive video calls from teachers on Skype. Students can talk to teachers and materials for free use, by the E-Space, will be compiled and provided in the classes.



✔At the end of every class, teachers and students will reassess the class. Teacher: assessment of students’ proficiency in the ‘note/comment to other teachers’ will enable tracking of progress when students schedule to learn with other teachers.

✔ Guide students to study effectively and do the necessary homework.

✔Vietnamese students/members: Implement and Review the knowledge/ lessons under the guidance of teachers and prepare for the next lesson.