Giáo viên JOHAN
  • GRADUATE: Teaching English, TESOL
  • JOB: English for children, english for communication,General english, english for interview,...
  • LANGUAGES: English

Hello everyone! My name is Teacher Johan. I’m from Philippines.

I love to teach students and help them communicate properly. my passion to teach English to help my students to become confident to communicate towards their future career.

I can teach Basic ESL to beginners, intermediate, and advance English learners. I can help them to improve pronounciation, fluency, and grammar. I always make enjoyable, fun and challenging when teaching English Language especially in preschool, and grade school students.To help them to improve their vocabulary skills. I have always been interested in showing new ideas, learning new skills, and share them to my students. I have always been patient, understanding, and most of all, establishing good connection with my students. The passion of helping my students has always been the main reason that motivates me and inspires me to become a great teacher.

Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in my class.

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